best cars under 6 to 7 lakhs in India?baleno,puch,ignis,brezza,nexon,etc

 The bike and helpline with which you guys are going to talk in today's session. The most value for money car in the Indian market. In this era of inflation, which car is on your radar that can provide a great experience? In terms of PM value for money. So the first car is if it is according to your city conditions and you want a car with high ground but which should be reliable and whose engine should not be noisy. Be in four cylinder and get peace of mind in after sales. 


 The on-road price of this car should be between ₹ 6 to 7 lakh. If the discounts are good then you can absolutely consider Maruti Suzuki Ignis. By doing this you will get a discount of Rs 70 to 80000 at the dealer. Including Exchange Including Consumer Including Corporate Discount If you are exchanging an old car, the scheme can go up to Rs 70-75 thousand. Call Attention The special thing about Ignis is that the engine is good in running different after sales products. It has high ground, 15 inch wheels and in this era of inflation, it can offer you a very good discount of between Rs 6 to 7 lakh. 

The second car may be on your radar and you are looking for a family car with good cabin space and rear seat space. Because the legroom of the rear seat of Ignis is a bit compact, so you can see. 

maruti suzuki baleno

 Maruti Suzuki Baleno, I am telling you three special things about Baleno. These are wonderful things. See. Baleno This is not like the old Baleno. This Baleno is a significant improvement in the Indian market. The suspension of this Baleno has become much better than before. Secondly, the car will give 14-15 km in this highly fuel efficient rear city. Two kilometer liter on the highway. The cabin space of the car is very good. The future has happened and discount offers of just Rs 50,000 are going on on Baleno. Corporate discount if its Baleno Sigma model starts from ₹ 6,60,000 in which Baleno, Sigma can see, give data, give data. Delta AMT Delta AMT ₹1 Lakh. Believe me, you will have a great experience with a comfortable, spacious family car with a good driver. The build quality of Baleno is also better than before. 

Third car: This is also not asking you for the city highway. This is Maruti Suzuki SUV and that is Maruti Suzuki Brezza. A separate set of subjects can be given. It comes with 15 cc petrol engine. Comfort in the car is good. There is high ground, there is cigarette. Although there is not much on the seat but the steel is completely good. You will get good features in the car also in LXI. You will find decent ones in VXI also. You can check the features and reliability of Maruti Suzuki. It is a petrol engine. This steering feedback is made for city use. 

tata punch 

You may not enjoy it that much on the highway, I assure you. Then Tata Motors moves from Maruti. If you have appreciation for Maruti's build, you feel that Maruti's structure is not that strong and Tata's car structure is very strong, then the price point at which Tata Motors punches, trust me you will get super value for money. It starts from ₹ 6 lakh and the pure basic model of Rs. 5 can be given, it can be given adventure, it can be given complete, it also comes in AMT, it also comes in manual. Look, if I am telling you some special things about Punch, everyone knows it. That's great. The car has grace. If the car is less than that of a senior member of the family. The grace of Car Punch is better than Nexon of Tata Motors. So will be the senior members of the family. He will feel more comfortable in the punch. And also know in Punch that the company has controlled the engine noise to a great extent. After Bharat Stage Sex Fest, the noise, vibration of the engine inside the cabin, the noise of the engine is controlled and in city usage, the engine starts whirring now. Regarding those cars, the usage of the people is a little according to the highway. Also from Mix City Highway. According to me, it will perform best in city usage. 

If you are looking for a car according to the highway, then do not miss the value of Honda India at all. Will Venue from Honda India also offer you a great experience? See, both the classes have their own USP, which includes the reliability of Honda after sales. Significant Improvement: Honda had revised the service interval of the car a few years ago. And their service experience has become very good. The car has premium features. The fitting finish is good. The engine is very quiet which can be considered inside the 1200 cc four cylinder. If you are looking for a tall car with good ground clearance, good road presence or a petrol engine, the finish is good. But the seat is a little low base and you get better legroom inside the rear seat of the Venue because the front seat is out. So both these cars from the highway because of the steering of both the cars. Earlier Honda used to say that there is a steering light, it has been improved a lot. Both the cars you can see could be the next car on your radar. In which I can say that it is an all rounder car whose update is in the near future. 

But if you consider the present then you will get a much superior car namely Mahindra's XUV. There are discounts of Rs 1.5 to 2.25 lakh on the top models of Double Hoga. Even in existing which its turbo petrol engine or turbo pe


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